Hi-Speed Explained

What Could Hi-Speed Oven Rental Do For You?
This Is Hi-Speed Explained…

We firmly believe in the power of our hi-speed oven rental packages. Our Atollspeed range of ovens have the genuine potential to transform your hot food business or service counter into a real profit-maker. But what sets them apart from conventional commercial ovens on the market?

First, these hi-speed ovens are hybrid products because there are three different elements combined in one unit. This helps deliver the exceptional results we’ve come to expect from these ovens. Those elements are Microwave, High Temperature and Fast Air Impingement.

It means these products cook at more than 10 times the speed of rival ovens. Our hi-speed oven rental deals aren’t just about the time it takes to cook, however. The results are consistent and high quality too. It’ll let your business be the one that raises the bar in hot food service.

  • Microwave,
    high temperature
    & fast air impingement

  • High quality
    & high speed
    cooking results

  • Increased profits,
    Increased customer

Quick, Delicious, Convenient

All three models in our hi-speed oven range operate at temperatures ranging between 250-280°C. The air speeds are up to 10 times faster than conventional rivals, too. It delivers rapid heat transfer, which in turn dramatically reduces the cooking times – not least when you combine it with microwave technology.

The combination of these elements are what make a hi-speed oven rental package so enticing. The high temperatures and fast air speeds cook food on the outside, while the microwave technology cooks food through on the inside. It’s a unique idea, and the reason why you get hot, tasty and perfectly-cooked food.

Broaden Your Menu Horizons

Flexibility is another attractive feature of the Atollspeed oven range. That’s because these ovens can cook almost anything! If you already operate a sandwich bar or deli counter, these hi-speed ovens will let you maintain your existing menu options. All that will change is the rate at which you’re able to serve customers. But why stop there?

With our hi-speed oven rental solutions, you could take your menu options to the next level! Premium pies, sumptuous steaks and pristine pizzas – just some of the other meal options that you can prepare to perfection with our hi-speed ovens. All your menu options can be programmed into the oven too. Rent yours today!

Food: Wedges
Food: Ciabatta
Food: Sausage Rolls
Food: Panini
Food: Pizza

Atollspeed AS300T Hi-Speed Oven

This oven offers almost unlimited potential because of the sheer range of menu options it can prepare. Make toasted sandwiches and paninis a staple of your business. Or take it up a level; burgers, pizzas and even steak are among its capabilities. For full meals, it's full speed ahead.

It cooks to the highest standards and its environmental credentials are also impressive. Atollspeed ovens are up to 50% more efficient than its rivals. It won’t be beaten for performance, nor on results. It is quite simply a must-have addition for your kitchen. Don’t get left behind.

You'll be wondering how you ever managed without it!

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Atollspeed AS300T Hi-Speed Oven