Small Restaurants, Big Profits: Does Size Matter?

Small Restaurants, Big Profits?

It’s often said that size matters. And perhaps it does in certain circumstances. After all, there’s no shortage of size options when ordering a coffee. If you’re starting a foodservice business, though, could thinking too grand be a mistake? Do small restaurants, in fact, deliver the best results when it comes to financial performance?

An alarming number of new restaurants close their doors before their first birthday. Not because the concept isn’t good enough, but usually for other factors that include high rental costs and the poor use of financial resources. So, how can you put your great expectations and bright ideas into effect – and achieve sales success?

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Small Restaurants: From Small Acorns…

Small restaurants can, if nothing else, prove an excellent launch pad for budding entrepreneurs in the eating out sector. Ultimately, it’s how about you use that space. Andrei Lussmann is the founder of the Lussmanns chain in Hertfordshire, UK – and starting off small has provided a base on which his restaurant empire has grown.

Lussmann told Yahoo!: “[When I started out] the plans I had of opening a restaurant and having a proper kitchen and 800 people for dinner were impossible because I couldn’t afford the infrastructure. We started up with a coffee shop – allowing me to control it. Now we have three restaurants and are opening a fourth. We started up small, building the brand up slowly.”

You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew if you’re new to the sector.

Small can be beautiful when it comes to the financial performance of your restaurant

To further underline the potential of small restaurants, Stephani Robson from Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration sets out the financial case: “common sense [that] tells us a small space costs less overall than a large one”. If you’re paying less on rent, you have a better chance of covering your overall costs.

Less space, of course, does mean you’ll have to be creative and innovative with how you use it – not least in the kitchen. The team at Oven Rentals know this more than most. It means that we’re expertly placed to meet your needs. We’ll devise a suite of bespoke oven rental options to match your budget and your space. That’s a promise.

From hi-speed ovens to high quality UNOX production ovens, our solutions will help you succeed. You can maximise customer turnover, satisfaction and sales performance at a fraction of the cost than if you were buying. Not only do we give you the freedom to think big, but also the flexibility to demonstrate that small is beautiful too.

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