Restaurant Equipment: Don’t Buy – Rent Instead…

Restaurant Equipment: It's one of your most important considerations when launching your dining business

The strength of the eating out sector makes opening a restaurant seem like a mouth-watering idea. In a dynamic and diverse industry, however, there’s a lot to consider before taking those first steps. What food do you want to offer? How do you want your establishment to look? And where are you getting your restaurant equipment from? These are just three key questions when getting started!

The sheer range of options open to diners in the UK and Ireland mean there are gaps in the market. But, as M&C Allegra stated earlier this year, those diners “are becoming more demanding and their value expectations are increasing”. You have to strike the balance between affordability and profit-making potential, which can impact on the quality of your restaurant equipment and supplies.

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Restaurant Equipment and Your Cost Management

Restaurant Equipment: One of our Irish installs shows the full capabilities of our rental solutions

It can be fiendishly expensive to open a new restaurant. As an independent operator, it’s not likely you’ll have the financial clout of larger high street chains. At the same time, however, your success will hinge on meeting the expectations of your diners. You need high quality restaurant equipment to deliver high quality food – but at what price? Well, it doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.

Yes, buying restaurant equipment can drain your bank account before you know it. But why would you choose the purchasing route when you don’t have to? The benefits of renting your equipment are plain to see – especially from a cost management perspective. At Oven Rentals, we are helping to change how foodservice businesses own and operate expensive capital equipment.

With our rental packages, you can get the best restaurant equipment with zero capital investment. So, rather than paying thousands of pounds up front, you can kit out your commercial kitchen and pay a fixed, manageable amount every month for the duration of your contract. Not only that, but service is part of the package too and that ensures no costly call-out fees down the line either.


Restaurant Equipment: Full Out-Of-The-Box Solutions

Restaurant Equipment: By renting, you can invest the capital saved in other areas - such as the food or your staff

It’s not just the financial case for renting restaurant equipment that makes it a no-brainer for your business. At Oven Rentals, we believe in the holistic approach. If you’re trying to launch a business, you don’t want to be going round the houses for your equipment. With our rental solutions, you’ll get everything you need, when you need it and for the amount of time you need it for.

Yes, ovens are a speciality of ours – we first launched to bring the superb Atollspeed hi-speed oven to the UK and Ireland. But we’ve grown and so has our unbeatable range of products. Ovens, fryers, griddles, preparation units, dishwashers, ice machines, refrigeration, coffee machines – our selection is almost endless. You tell us what you need and we create a fully-rounded, bespoke package for you.

Above all, Oven Rentals and our Hire-Innovation partners are dedicated to the success of your new business. We offer the best restaurant equipment on the best rental terms and with the best back-up service. By removing the need for capital investment, you’re free to pump money into the other areas that’ll shape the success of your business. If that sounds appetising to you, contact us today.

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