Restaurant Concepts: Butcher, Baker, Profit-Maker?

Restaurant Concepts: Is an on-site bakery one way to diversify?

The UK and Irish restaurant sectors are thriving. With an almost-endless selection of cuisines and concepts on offer, consumers are truly spoilt for choice! For new and established operators alike, however, the challenge is to continue winning custom. To deliver future growth, therefore, will it be innovative restaurant concepts – and their operators – that stand to gain the most?

Restaurant Hospitality features a number of US eateries that are reinventing the traditional sit-in concept. That’s not to say you can’t see examples on this side of the Atlantic, however. The point remains the same, though. Restaurant concepts are diversifying; branching out to introduce new services to enhance the dining experience, boost profit potential and meet new demand.

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Restaurant Concepts: Adding Services, Adding Value?

For UK and Irish operators, the uncertain climate caused by the Brexit decision could make this a brilliant time to make a move into new territory. When we think about such restaurant concepts, what are those services that generate extra value? Well, how about an on-site bakery? A butcher counter? Or even a little sideline that taps into the burgeoning grab-and-go scene?

Fresh meat from an on-site butcher could enhance new restaurant concepts

Let’s explore some of the benefits of having an on-site butcher or bakery, for example. Firstly, it’s putting you in full control of your supply chain: make what you need, use what you make. Second, it can assure diners looking for transparency about where their food comes from. And third, there is the potential for opening up a lucrative revenue stream in retailing your own produce.

The most inventive restaurant concepts, of course, demand inventive equipment solutions. That’s where Oven Rentals and our Hire-Innovation partners come in. From our full-scale bakery concept to market-leading cooking ovens – we’re big on equipment, big on expertise and big on ideas. You simply have to let us know the scale of your ambition to get the rental deal that fits best.

Is it time for your eatery to branch out? Butcher or baker, we’ll make sure you’re a profit-maker…

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