Pizza Camp: A Slice of the Outdoor Life

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The appetite for pizza in the UK and Ireland is a healthy one and there’s little sign of that changing. It delivers proven profit potential for restauranteurs and foodservice operators, while retailers are also benefiting from its popularity. In the US, however, one enterprise is taking the love of pizza to the next level. Quite simply, we’re talking about Pizza Camp. And it’s exactly what you think it is!

The idea of a residential camp may be more familiar to our friends on the other side of the Atlantic. But since the UK and Irish markets are embracing other US pizza concepts such as MOD Pizza, what about a “pizza camp” too? The camp is a unique experiential weekend getaway for adults who love their pizza. And given how many seem to love their pizza, you might find a lot of would-be campers.

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Pizza Camp: What’s The Idea Behind It?

So, what’s the concept behind Pizza Camp? Well, it’s now two years old and is the brainchild of the Minneapolis Pizza Club. The 2016 edition took place this weekend (16 September) and kept in with the tradition of celebrating all things pizza. This year’s one-night camp experience cost under $100 – around £75 or €90 – and that doesn’t seem at all bad when you consider what you get out of it.

After picking up your pizza-related goodies, campers can take part in activities such as archery and canoeing. But the highlight, surely, would be Pizza Camp’s “dreamy pizza dinner”. It takes the form of a “tri-pizza system of pizza delivery, pizza snack and a build-your-own pizza and toppings bar”. A beer service is also on hand or you can bring your own if that’s your ideal pizza accompaniment.

It takes the consumer love of pizza, as we suggested earlier, to a whole new level. And why not? It is two years since figures revealed Britons spend £4.4bn per year on pizza in some way or another. That figure could well have risen since then and with it comes opportunities for growth. Could the British or Irish version of Pizza Camp be the out-of-the-pizza-box thinking that brings you success?


Pizza Camp: It’s Time For You To Pitch Up

Pizza Camp: The definitive experience for anyone who loves their pizza?

You don’t need to invest huge sums into making the idea work; not in terms of your equipment, at least. You can rent one of the leading pizza ovens on the market on terms that are right for you, as well as taking full advantage of our holistic approach to rental. It will empower you to secure other pieces of equipment such as fridges and catering units in one low-cost, high-quality rental bundle.

Our solutions aim to make it simpler for you to do business. Not only that, but we’re also aiming to make it simpler to make your business dreams come true – no matter how ambitious they are. The chance to get away from it all for one night in the name of pizza? It’ll surely prove too much for the pizza lovers of the UK and Ireland to resist. Are you going to be the pioneer that brings it to these shores?

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