Oven Rentals Case Study

Oven Rentals Case Study: The Atollspeed AS300T

The flagship product in our rental equipment fleet is the Atollspeed Hi-Speed Oven – and this Oven Rentals Case Study aims to tell you why. It is a must-have item for retailers and food outlets with busy hot food counters. Once we explain the numbers involved, we think you’ll start to see why we’re proud to offer the product for hire. After all, it’s the reason Oven Rentals first launched!

Of course, we’ve expanded our rental fleet to include even more amazing hot food and catering solutions since then. But Atollspeed ovens remain a popular product with our customers. You’re able to discover what makes the ovens so amazing at their job on our Hi-Speed Explained page – but, with this Oven Rentals Case Study, we’ll explore the business potential of these ovens.

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Oven Rentals Case Study

For this Oven Rentals Case Study, we have travelled to Derby and to one of our UK customers – a customer who had a limited deli offering of cold sandwiches and no hot food options. Food-to-go has become a major force in the eating out market, so our customer naturally wanted the perfect solution to tap into this. That’s where the Atollspeed Hi-Speed Oven comes in.

Oven Rentals Case Study: Freshly Cooked Samosas

With the economic and fast cooking performance of the ovens, our customer unlocked a massive profit potential. The deli expanded its menu options and hot food has become one of the primary profit centres in its store. Not only that, but the exquisite Atollspeed solution is also helping drive sales of other segments at peak trading times.

Average daily sales of hot food using the Atollspeed Hi-Speed Oven totals £275 at an average 58% gross margin. Our customer’s hot food range includes toasted sandwiches, paninis, pizzas and hot chicken rolls – all generating a profit of at least £2.05 with each serving. Operating six days a week for 312 days per year, this is delivering incremental profit to our customer worth £49,400!

This Oven Rentals Case Study is just one example of how our hi-speed ovens have been benefiting our customers around the UK and Ireland. Can you afford to miss out on this incredible potential?

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