Creating The Next-Generation Restaurant Experience

The next-generation restaurant has the power to build deeper relationships with its customers

The restaurant of the future: how do you see it taking shape? It is a question that independent and chain operators alike will have to answer. That’s because the growth and continued success of your restaurant will be heavily influenced by how you move with the times. And a factor that’ll be a vital part of shaping your next-generation restaurant is how you adapt to the next-generation customer.

According to Deloitte, the ‘next-generation customer’ is now here – but can your restaurant appeal to them? The next-generation restaurant is a business that can meet these evolving expectations – so how do you go about it? Well, Deloitte’s research uncovers a raft of “crucial” improvements that you can now make to “drive customer loyalty, guest check, and a differentiated experience”. 

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Core Features of the Next-Generation Restaurant?

How will your next-generation restaurant connect with customers?

Deloitte describes the next-generation customer as tech-savvy, connected and expectant of a high level of service. It’s no surprise, therefore, to learn that the next-generation restaurant will benefit from investing in its digital capabilities. That could include an integrated smartphone app, a strong online focus or greater use of technology. The return on investment, as a result, could be huge.

The Deloitte research shows that 40% of frequent diners prefer to order online and are likely to spend more too. Meanwhile, nearly half of drive-through and take-out diners want to pay for their food using a phone. And half of those who wish to pay by phone want to use a restaurant app, which must also be able to track loyalty points if applicable.

Your menu is still the number one factor for diners choosing a restaurant for the first time. But the “digital DNA” of a restaurant is what helps build closer relationships with customers. Deloitte sums it up: “It’s the value and nature of these relationships, not just the applications driving them, that can help flip the switch that transforms a traditional restaurant into the restaurant of the future.”


Building Your Next-Generation Restaurant

As the demands of the next-generation customer evolves, so will the next-generation restaurant

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