In-Store Bakery Concept: A Fresh New Approach?

In-Store Bakery Concept

The UK and Irish bakery markets are worth billions – one of the largest segments of the domestic food industry. With our unique in-store bakery concept, why not take a slice of that action? We’ll let you supply morning-fresh bread and rolls that will entice your customers – and not just from a taste perspective.

In a survey of the British public carried out in 2015, freshly-baked bread was the aroma that came out on top. And surely few people will disagree with that result. It’s one reason an in-store bakery concept can be so valuable to your retail business – appealing to customers’ sense of vision, smell and taste in one go.

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In-Store Bakery Concept: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

As the Craft Bakers Association explains, more retailers are turning to an in-store bakery concept to increase revenue, attract customers and improve the shopping experience. The International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association agrees – 56% of retailers, it found, view a bakery as a way of helping stores stand out from the crowd.

What’s more – convenience stores are also in search of turnkey retail bakery solutions that tap into this love of fresh bread. It’s a trend that we’ve noticed at Oven Rentals – and it’s a trend that we’re proud to facilitate. Our in-store bakery concept is a unique out-of-the-box rental solution – flexible, affordable, unbeatable.

In-Store Bakery Concept

Our concept lets you deliver the freshest bread, rolls and a full range of scratch bakery products to your shelves every morning – without the demands of a full-scale baking operation. Bread is produced by a professional baker off-site, before it is delivered frozen to your store. Our exquisite Salva oven and proofing equipment that we install on-site does the rest.

No special skills are required, no early working hours needed – a simple, effective bakery solution.

In addition to the Salva equipment, Oven Rentals is delighted to supply a full range of accessories – equipping you with the right tools to meet the demands of your customers. We also provide a full-scale branding service to make sure our in-store bakery concepts seamlessly fits in with your retail environment. It’s the full package.

To find out more about this exciting and unique in-store bakery concept, contact Oven Rentals now.

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