Gourmet Burgers: Why It’s Time To ‘Beef Up’ Your Menu

Gourmet Burgers: Transforming The Burger Market

Now, burgers have long been a popular hot food menu option for consumers – whether it’s eat-in or food-to-go. The last few years, however, have witnessed a shift in behaviour that’s shaking up the UK and Irish market. More diners are going in search of “better burgers”, and it’s fuelling the rising popularity of gourmet burgers. But, is your foodservice business reacting to this growing trend?

In August 2015, Mintel research showed just how gourmet burgers had taken a hold on the market in the UK. 7% of Brits who’d gone to a fast-food restaurant between March and May 2015 said they had switched to a gourmet burger establishment. Meanwhile, 52% admitted they’d be interested in trying gourmet burgers from fast food chains. It’s a trend that’s adding value to the burger market.

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Gourmet Burgers: Why Are Consumers Making The Switch?

Gourmet burgers – opportunities for eat-in and take-out businesses

The reasons behind the emergence of gourmet burgers as a consumer preference are quite varied. On one hand, there is a question of taste – people want thicker meat, greater topping options and premium bread. On the other hand, there is a lifestyle element. Mintel had found that 39% of fast-food restaurant users saw gourmet burgers as a healthier alternative to traditional burgers.

The business benefits are being realised. Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) is one of the few premium burger chains to take the UK and Ireland by storm. And, by November last year, it had already seen annual sales top the £1m mark in the UK. GBK aren’t alone, of course. Other operators specialising in gourmet burgers are thriving too: Byron, Five Guys, Honest Burger to name but three.

With success in the UK market fuelling confidence, Ireland can surely now expect an influx of these chains. Five Guys, for example, is about to touchdown with its first Irish store this autumn and GBK is currently at seven Irish outlets. And then there’s the number of independent operators. After all, startups.co.uk confirms there’s no shortage of business opportunities in the gourmet scene.


Gourmet Burgers: Your Business Can Take Full Advantage!

Could gourmet burgers lift your foodservice business?

The rise of gourmet burgers is issuing a challenge to traditional fast-food. We are looking at an era where premium burgers start dominating the market, which means it’s time to take full advantage! At Oven Rentals, we reckon any business with a hot food counter can realise the business potential of ‘beefing up’ menus. It all begins with making sure that your equipment is fit for the purpose.

Our sizzling hi-speed oven rental packages make perfect sense. Get hot, tasty and perfectly cooked gourmet burgers in minutes thanks to Atollspeed’s unique hybrid technology. And with zero capital investment required to begin with, these ovens are a truly compelling proposition. Simply drop our team a line and we’ll take you through the full potential of our ovens – both cooking and business!

It doesn’t have to stop with gourmet burgers either. Our hi-speed ovens are incredibly versatile, so you can take your hot food revolution even further. Haute Dogs? Premium Pies? Wonderful Wurst? We’ll leave the ideas to you, but we’ll be here to help make them come to fruition. A tailored oven rental solution awaits your business, so why not go gourmet and ‘beef’ up your profits today?

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