Designing A Small Restaurant Kitchen? Think Big…

Making the most of your space is crucial when designing a small restaurant kitchen?

Designing A Small Restaurant Kitchen?

A kitchen is arguably the one thing that a foodservice business cannot live without. It is, after all, the place that underpins the fundamental service you aim to give your customers. It is critical, therefore, that your kitchen space is as good as it can be. This does, however, present challenges – not least for operators for whom space is at a premium. And yet there shouldn’t be any reason why you still can’t think big if you’re designing a small restaurant kitchen that becomes the motor behind your success.

The ideal kitchen space for your business: what does it look like? Is it an expansive space; one able to fit everything a chef could ever need or want? The reality, however, can be quite different. Space is a luxury, sadly, that few can afford – to start with, at least. But, as the saying goes, good things come in small packages – why not good food from small kitchens? So, it’s about making the most of what you have available, right? And that’s why designing a small restaurant kitchen requires careful planning.

This doesn’t have to be an exhausting design process. By careful planning, we’re talking about getting to the nub of what it is you want your restaurant business to be and to do. It’s likely that you’re there already, to be fair. You’ve had your ideas and your inspirations. Now, to bring it to life. Be thorough – but be creative too. Designing a small restaurant kitchen isn’t that different to preparing a meal. The ingredients are all there – you just need to bring them together on a scale that works for you.

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Nothing needs to stop you designing a small restaurant kitchen that becomes a driving force behind your business.

What’s Cooking?

Do you have an idea of what your menu looks like? How about the food you expect to prepare? The reason for asking yourself this is because this will have an impact down the line. If you are aiming to offer a wide range of meals, you’ll need more storage and preparation space. You can achieve this – but knowing this can stop you cluttering up your small restaurant kitchen with stuff you don’t need.


Try Seeing Double

As Foodservice Equipment and Suppliers magazine points out, don’t be afraid to pare down and double up! You can make a meal work no matter what tools you have. And if there’s a limit to your space, all your tools need to earn a place. Use an immersion blender instead of a food processor, for example. Keep an open mind about what your tools can do. You’ll be surprised what use you can find for them.


Know Your Flow

It’s a little abstract, but try to think about how your kitchen staff are going to move around. How will you get from the sink to the stove and back to the prep area? Your menu (above) will also impact the work flow of your kitchen, so try to picture it. Once you have that clear in your mind, it’s much easier for the other blocks for fall into place. And it’s an insight that will heavily influence the next step…



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