Build-Your-Own Pizza: A Recipe For Success?

Build-Your-Own Pizza: Giving pizza lovers the flexibility they want?

A revolution is taking place in the UK and Irish foodservice sector and it has significant potential for businesses. After taking the US market by storm, the age of the fast-casual restaurant is now finally dawning here too. It is giving customers access to yet more choice, convenience and customisation, with innovative new concepts opening up. One of those comes in the form of build-your-own pizza.

The UK and Irish fast-casual market is building up a serious head of steam. For example, Technomic data showed that, in 2014, turnover growth had outpaced the increase in fast-casual locations. The fast-casual revolution has, arguably, been led by “better burger” chains such as Five Guys and Shake Shack. Now, however, build-your-own pizza chains (and others) are catching up fast.

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Build-Your-Own Pizza: The MOD-ern Choice?

Build-Your-Own Pizza: Do you want to be able to choose your own pizza toppings?

MOD Pizza is the self-styled pioneer of fast-casual pizza. It’s also the brand to watch for an idea of how the build-your-own pizza model is taking off. It’s the fastest-growing chain operator in the US, with sales up by a dazzling 220% in 2015! MOD Pizza now plans to repeat that level of success in the UK and has two sites open already. It’s not stopping there, of course, with more sites soon to follow.

The concept is, in MOD’s own words, “simple and efficient” and where diners really do build-their-own’ pizzas. The cost of a MOD pizza is fixed, no matter which of the 34 toppings you pick for your culinary creation. The pizza is made in front of you and cooked in a super-fast oven – so no lengthy waits either! It’s those three “Cs” again – choice, convenience and customisation!

MOD, of course, isn’t alone in offering this build-your-own pizza concept in the UK. But the market isn’t exactly saturated and that means it’s a superb time to explore the possibilities. Customisation is something that consumers are increasingly looking for across the board, not least in foodservice. And, with pizza, you have a product that offers an almost endless choice of sauces and toppings.


Build-Your-Own Pizza: A Slice Of The Action

Build-Your-Own Pizza: For consumers, a perfect pizza. For your business, perfect profits?

The fast-casual market is a hive of innovation. It’s time for you to seize the initiative and take full advantage of the opportunities on offer. And with the complete support of our oven and catering equipment rental experts, it couldn’t be easier. We can provide you with the equipment solution you need to “build-your-own” pizza empire.

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